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How We Got Running

We started this agency simply because we had passion. Passion for running and the active lifestyle. Passion for the products and brands that support our passion. Passion for helping those who have helped us. Passion for helping great causes. Passion for runners, joggers and walkers. Passion for keeping pedestrians safe. Passion for making a healthier world.Out of our passion for running we have recognized a need to ACTIVATE events, brands and corporate wellness programs. So we created an agency solely focused on this category and we offer a unique spin on traditional marketing services to what we call our three business verticals. We even have a cool chart to ACTIVATE your brain around this concept.

OYL Team

OYL! Marketing & Events is made up of creative thinkers and hard workers with one goal in mind and that is to help your active lifestyle brand or event be the best it can be. If you are interested in learning more about us than pick up the phone and give us a call. You will find we are always on a runners high!

Eric Lindberg
Chief Running Officer

Eric Lindberg
Chief Running Officer

At 210 pounds and struggling to leg out a double in slow pitch softball I had an epiphany that told me I better get in better shape before running to first feels like a marathon. And that is how it started for me. No, not marketing but running. Oh, I am supposed to write about my marketing experience here? Well ok if you insist. It all all started when I was the social chariman of the Sigma Nu chapter at Ball State University. The job of the social chairman is pretty simple and that is to find sororities to partner with on weekend mixers (or parties). And now as I look back over the years marketing that bunch might have been the most challenging task of my career. Yep we were quite a bunch. Now my professional marketing career has taken me to some great places ranging from the NBA Draft to meeting former Presidents (yes of the USA) to planning and executing an event at the BCS Championship Game to Chuck Norris' World Combat League. My career entails working for two NBA teams, three minor league hockey teams, a minor league baseball front office position and even starting a big time sports marketing agency. Combined it all adds up to a bunch of years of marketing and promotional experience working with some of the greatest athletes, brands and events in the universe. And so in 2008 decided to put that experience into the running community of DFW and launched DFWRUNS with the goal of helping running events and brands grow. DFWRUNS has now evolved into On Your Left! Marketing & Events. So standing on second base I decided that it was time to start running. Just 20 minutes a day. 10 minutes up the then gravel KATY trail and 10 minutes back. Slowly my stamina grew and my waist shrunk. Now running and more importantly fitness is part of my life both personally and professionally. It is the lifestyle that we find so powerful at On Your Left! Marketing & Events. And all the marketing fluff aside our goal is to integrate your brand or event into that lifestyle. It is beyond marketing, it is where and when marketing meets the pavement!

Sharon Lindberg
VP of Happy Running

Sharon Lindberg
VP of Happy Running

Running Happy! I am so passionate about our company and what we do that all I can do is run happy… I have had so many life experiences from growing up in Southern California, to living in Bakersfield, to living in San Francisco then Dallas. I went to the University of Texas at Dallas, graduated with honors with a focus on business and entrepreneurship. I landed at a start up...was the 10th employee, I put on the finest suits, traveled across the United States and helped build a company that serviced meeting/event planning professionals in the pharmaceutical industry, five years later the company was over 100. In between all of that, I have had the pleasure to work in radio, marketing, sales, event planning and management. Nothing comes easier to me than a little hard work, sprinkled with always doing what’s right and giving more than I think I can each day. DFWRUNS will be four in August of 2012. I turned in my fine suits for fine running shoes and dry fit instead. For those that have ever owned and managed their own company knows that if you’re running happy then you must be doing something right. Never look back, keep moving forward! Oh, and yes I am a runner (2010 Chicago Marathon Finisher, 6 Half Marathons in 2011 (with a 2 hour 4 minute PR at one), mountain biker, snow skier, kick boxer, beach lover, animal lover and I used to skydive back in the day. There’s always room for fun after working hard!

Han Solo
Captain of the Millenium Running Falcon

Han Solo
Captain of the Millenium Running Falcon

Pup runner, show stopper, and all around good dog. His favorite distance is a 5K but he enjoys long walks and swimming for hours in the lake. Han is also skilled in chasing gatos at the house. He trains by sprinting to chase squirrels.

General Services

Marketing meets the pavement

Event Management Services

We produce incredibly unique and fun active lifestyle events which stand out amongst a very competitive marketplace.

Marketing & Publicity Services

We design campaigns for active lifestyle events and brands that put our clients on the fast track, saying On Your Left! as they pass by the competition.

Business Development Services

We consult with our clients to develop strategies that drive revenues and fundraising efforts.

Corporate Recess

We customize a corporate walking or running program and offer fresh and unique ways to engage your employees for your Corporate Wellness Initiatives!

Seeing is Believing

Looking for something more customized to fit your brand or events incentives? Don't Worry, we got you covered!


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Dallas is celebrating Love Field's 100th anniversary and to commemorate this extraordinary date you are going to have a chance to run on the runway!

WHY INVEST in the active Lifestyle?

Here are some stats that catch our attention.

reason 1

There are over 50 million (what we call active lifestyle consumers)

Reason 2

HALF MARATHONS, triathlons and adventure races are growing at a rate of nearly 70%

Reason 3

80+% of the readers of Runners World like the challenge of doing something new, like to try new things and love to explore and learn new things

Reason 4

The ROI on company wellness programs ranges as high as 9 to 1, according to sources we have researched, which include e Wellness Council of America, Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Texas A7M University.

Fit Brands

Don't Believe us? Believe Them. Here is a sampling of brands targeting the active lifestyle consumer. We are helping them stay in shape for the long haul.

Reach Out

We are ready to help your active lifestyle event, brand or wellness program. Contact Us today to see how we can get you shouting "On Your Left!" as you pass by your competition.

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